serra Alonso

I consider myself a very proactive and inventive person, looking out for to new experiences and creative projects. I love being in touch with people and nature and I aim to create a better future for both.

What i do

Product design and 3D printing are my passion, but I love to experiencing other creation methods such as phoptography or graphic design.


Minimalistic and sustainable design with a focus in reducing, reusing and recycling, taking advantage of new technologies, materials and production methods.


Mobile photography as a method of inspiration and discovery. With my work I aspire to create beautiful and deep compositions with a different point of view.

3D printing

Beyond being a prototyping tool, I aspire to create functional products taking advantage of its benefits and introducing new sustainable materials.


The graphic design accompanies all my works when presenting or packaging them as well as being another useful tool for digital creation.

Video presentation

My story and my style collected in a video in collaboration with Xiaomi

my Latest Work

My most recent or ongoing design projects

Let’s Start Something new
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Open to new creative collaborative projects and questions about my work